About Us

KEMCO Office BuildingKEMCO engineers and project managers have the knowledge and experience to design and manage your project that will meet and exceed expectations of quality and on time service. We continually strive to improve our processes to meet the needs of our customers. At KEMCO we make quality and on time delivery a standard. Our quality process is backed by an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Contact us today for a facility tour or an inquiry about a project.

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KEMCO has a variety of CNC machines and tooling to accomplish most custom metal projects. We can handle all aspects of a project in-house to ensure promptness and quality. KEMCO has cutting, punching, bending and shaping machines that allow us to make designs accurate and appealing. We weld, paint and assemble our products in our facility. For electrical requirements we have a highly trained staff of wiring personnel with years of experience wiring relay and control panels for the utility industry.


Project management
Project design for metal fabrication
Project design for electrical panels from schematics to wiring diagrams
AutoCAD design software


Waterjet - Flow MACH 3 with a Dynamic XD Head and 13 foot x 6.5 foot Cutting Bed
Shearing - CNC 14 foot length
Punching - CNC multi-station
Plasma cutting - CNC High-definition
Braking - CNC 14 foot length
Tube and Structural Shape Rolling
Metal Sheet Rolling
Welding, MIG and TIG - Certified welders on staff
Laser engraver for nameplates


55,000 Sq ft. building with four overhead cranes and drive-in bays for loading.

KEMCO has designated areas for:

Metal cutting and fabrication
Product assembly
Paint booth
Air conditioned wiring area
Nameplate engraving and labeling
Office space


Field services and installation
Functional testing of panels
Delivery vehicles including box truck and flatbed